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Instructional Design

The "NIMS/ICS Pro Edition", was developed to achieve several specific objectives in order to meet educational goals. Recognizing shortcomings in many training productions on the market, this program we designed with the intent of getting and holding the attention of students. Each chapter starts with compelling emergency footage of historic significance placed against mood appropriate music. These emergencies include the following.

  • Compilation of Various Emergencies (Overview Chapter)
  • World Trade Center Attack (Incident Commander Chapter)
  • Hurricane Katrina (Command Staff)
  • 138,000 acre Hayman Fire (Operations Section)
  • Terrorist Attack on Beslan Russia School #1 (Planning Section)
  • Tsunami, Indian Ocean (Logistics Section)
  • Murrah Federal Building Bombing (Finance & Administration Section)

In order to promote a unified concept for emergency operations, chapters are designed to be inclusive of as many types of emergency agencies possible. Chapters include footage and interviews of law enforcement officers, municipal and wildland fire personnel, municipal managers, and federal officials. Unlike other course materials, the NIMS/ICS Pro Edition is segmented into chapters based on job responsibility. This provides flexibility for educational reinforcement based on job assignment.

Curriculum & Usage

This program was designed around the "as taught by DHS" standard for ICS-100 & ICS-200, as well as the NWCG/NIFC I-100 & I-200 curriculum. It is meant to be utilized as part of an overall training strategy that includes classroom instruction and exercises.

Optimally, students should be exposed to the DVD course prior to, or in combination with, classroom instruction. It is recommended that the course material be reviewed at regular intervals following initial instruction, as part of an overall continuing education strategy.

The curriculum contained on this DVD, is presented in seven separate chapters. Students should watch the "Overview" prior to reviewing subsequent sections. The "Overview" is a summary of the I-100 course material as described above. While the additional six chapters build upon each other and combine to cover the I-200 course series, the DVD was developed to allow viewing of individual chapters, as the instructor deems necessary.

NIMS ICS-100 Test and Curriculumn

NIMS ICS-200 Test and Curriculumn